How we work | Exyte
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  • Idea & Estimate

    We analyze your requirements and prepare technical documents with estimates and milestones. We approve the budget and build a team for your project.

  • Design

    We create an interactive design of your application using Sketch and Invision. You can see all the animations and transition states and can add various details.

  • Development

    When the design is approved, the developer transforms it into a full-featured application that works on all supported devices and screen sizes.

  • Testing, QA

    During development we constantly test your application on all available devices with different screen sizes. The issues are tracked in a single place that you can access.

  • Deploy

    In the case of mobile development, the development team can take over the app distribution if you provide us ith access to your developer account.

  • Collecting feedback and polishing

    We analyze the production data and see how users use your application, then suggest changes that can improve their experience.

  • Maintenance

    We allocate team members to track the health of the application. We use different tools to monitor the application and pay attention to each crash or unexpected behaviours.